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NHS Patients

The Vein Clinic is now able to treat NHS patients

The new 2013 NICE guidelines now recommend that patients with symptomatic varicose veins are referred to a vascular surgeon and not offered compression hosiery unless interventional treatment is unsuitable. The guidelines also recommend that minimally invasive (keyhole) vein procedures are offered to patients in preference to stripping surgery. We have advocated the use of keyhole vein surgery since 2003 for our patients.

The Vein Clinic has always had strong associations with the NHS right from its origin in 2003. All the team have substantive NHS appointments and do not claim to be "Consultant Surgeons" or "Nurses" without occupying the actual job behind that title. Our home is the Shalbourne Suite, a part of The Great Western NHS Foundation Trust in Wiltshire. A proportion of the profits from our work are returned to The Great Western Hospital to improve the hospital facilities for everyone.

Because of our strong NHS background and the recent change in NICE guidelines we are now able to treat selected NHS patients in our Shalbourne Suite clinics. Places are very limited due to funding restrictions. To be referred you need to ask your general practitioner to choose and book Mr Singh-Ranger for your NHS Vein appointment in the Shalbourne Suite which will require an application for funding from your local Clinical Commissioning Body. Please note that this funding is not automatic and may be declined in some cases. We have no control over this decision which is made by your local commissioning body on a case-by-case basis. Demand for our services is always very high and there may be a wait for a few weeks while the hospital awaits funding for your procedure.

If you would like to learn more about this service please only contact us by phone using the details on this website. Due to high demand we are unable to respond to emails for this service.