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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we are asked at The Vein Clinic. If you have a question relating to any of our procedures or treatments, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

At The Vein Clinic our two most requested procedures are endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) and Venefit. The Venefit procedure uses much less heat energy to seal veins than laser and so is associated with much less bruising and pain after the procedure. You will be given enough information during your consultation to decide what the best treatment option is for your veins. Like most operations, excellent results can be obtained with either technology by surgeons who regularly perform large numbers of these procedures. Recently published data suggests that 5 years after treatment, 94% of the treated veins remain closed and free from venous reflux, the underlying cause of varicose veins.

Do you strip Varicose Veins?

Until recently, vein stripping was the standard treatment for varicose veins. It is NOT our policy to strip a vein. There are newer and more effective treatments available to deal with varicose veins.

How are the procedures you offer different from vein stripping?

Vein stripping is performed under a major anaesthetic whereas our procedures are all local anaesthetic based. During vein stripping, incisions are made in the groin and calf, and a stripper is threaded through the main vein, to pull this out of the leg. With the keyhole procedures that we offer, only one small incision is made at the insertion site and the vein is then sealed using heat and left in place. This minimally invasive approach virtually eliminates pain and bruising associated with vein stripping surgery.

Are the procedures painful?

Our patients generally report feeling little, if any, pain during and after the procedure. As with any procedure under local anaesthetic, good communication between doctor and patient is vital. We always try to put you in control and promise to listen to you during the procedure.

How long does a keyhole varicose vein treatment take?

Most of our procedures take no more than 1 hour to perform although you will spend most of the morning or afternoon with us. After your treatment, it is safe to go home on the same day although we do not recommend that you drive yourself.

Will I need an an anaesthetic?

Newer techniques for dealing with varicose veins use heat from laser or radiofrequency energy to seal the vein. These procedures are quick and realtively painless so in the majority of cases will require only local anaesthetic.

How quickly after my treatment can I resume normal activity?

After the procedure, you will be given a compression stocking to wear for 10-14 days. We encourage our patients to walk immediately following the procedure and to continue with a normal day afterwards. The next day you should be able to drive, go shopping or attend the gym for low-exertion exercise such as the treadmill. We expect you to resume normal activities or return to work within 1-2 days following the Venefit procedure although it may take a little longer after endovenous laser therapy.

How soon after treatment will my symptoms disappear?

Most patients report an immediate improvement in their symptoms which should continue in the next 1-2 weeks following the procedure. Ulcers and skin changes take a some weeks to settle. Skin pigmentation caused by varicose vein disease may take a few years to improve.

Is there any scarring, bruising, or swelling after the procedure?

Bruising and swelling is usually mild-moderate in appearance and should disappear within 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

Are your treatments covered by my insurance?

All of our treatments at The Vein Clinic are covered by the major health insurers. Occasionally we may be asked to provide a medical report before you are authorised by your insurer to have a treatment.