Conditions Treated

The Vein Clinic is the only clinic in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire where ALL the treatment options for abnormal veins are available under one roof.

We use the latest technology together with a fully medically qualified team to work with each patient to determine the best treatment with the best outcome.

Conditions treated at The Vein Clinic include:

- varicose veins
- thread veins
- leg ulceration
- deep vein thrombosis and its after-effects

The Vein Clinic specialises in the treatment of varicose veins using laser and radiofrequency keyhole surgery and thread veins using sclerotherapy. We work closely with all the major device companies to train doctors from all around the world and evaluate all new technologies for the treatment of abnormal veins.

We also see large numbers of patients with chronic leg ulcers that respond favourably to laser therapy or foam injections and split skin grafting.