Our Blog

This blog is the culmination of our 12th year in business. It seems such a long time ago that we made the brave decision to "Just treat Veins" starting as a small clinic with a few patients who recognised what we wanted to achieve. Now having treated well over 3000 patients, we are finally recognised as one of the premier vein institutes in the UK. We are proud that we stuck by our convictions in those early days of 2003, evidenced now by so many different clinics that have tried to emulate what we have done here in Wiltshire.

The Vein Clinic has been invited to many different parts of the world where we have helped spread the message how veins and venous disease should be managed. We have been asked so many questions by patients from other clinics, that we thought it would be an excellent idea to keep this blog topical, so that everyone could read and use it. Most of the topics come directly from messages that we have received, some are subjects that crop up during consultations.

We hope that you enjoy reading as much as we have enjoyed giving you our 12 years of business experience just treating veins. If you like what we do then please consider joining us on Facebook and Twitter by using the links below. We would be pleased to welcome you.....