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What are the advantages of Clarivein treatment?

The biggest advantage of Clarivein is that it avoids the need for any anaesthetic. In less time than it takes to brush your teeth, you can have the treatment and drive home immediately afterwards.

Patients report a faint buzzing sensation during the procedure with no real pain or discomfort. Procedures which use ClariVein are often simpler, faster and studies have shown up to 74% less pain during the operation than other minimally-invasive peripheral vascular treatments. Because no heat energy is used, there is no need for the multiple needle-stick injections of local anaesthesic along the length of the treated area. This shortens the time the procedure takes, reduces pain and discomfort, and also eliminates bruising. The main advantages listed are:

• Multiple injections are no longer needed
• Less bruising than any other procedure
• Results are visible almost immediately
• You can drive and return to your activities the very same day

By combining two methods of action (see figures): mechanical damage of the vein wall by a rotating a catheter tip together with a simultaneous spray of liquid sclerosant chemical, recurrence rates at 3 years are only 2% compared with 25-50% using foam or surgical stripping.
The Clarivein catheter is guided into the vein, virtually pain free without any anaestheticA chemical is sprayed into the vein, sealing and preventing it from re-appearing