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The Vein Clinic is now pleased to be able to offer Clarivein to its patients.

The ClariVein® procedure has proven to be fast, pain free and effective. The unique treatment triggers a spasm in the blood vessels. A chemical is then sprayed into the vein lining which effectively seals it, preventing the varicose vein from returning.

No bleeding, no bruising and no pain. You can even return to work the same day.It really is as simple as that.

The Clarivein Procedure

The Clarivein catheter is guided into the vein using an ultrasound. The procedure is virtually pain free and doesn’t require any anaesthetic. The tip of the catheter is then positioned near to the sapheno-femoral junction.

The catheter sprays a chemical into the vein, sealing it and preventing the varicose vein from re-appearing.

Once the procedure is finished, most patients find that they are able to return to normal activities the same day. You can even drive yourself home!