Free Consultation for Veins?

We could not fail to notice how there have recently been a spate of clinics offering "Free 10-minute consultations for varicose veins" We are pleased to let all of our patients and prospective clients know that we are not one of them. We do not offer free 10 minute consultations for four good reasons:

1. We do not need to offer free appointments because we treat our patients as partners and with respect. We would never condone the despicable practice of enticing patients through the door only to then put treatment out of their reach with astronomical charges for scans and later treatments.

2. We do not need to offer free appointments because we can see patients on the NHS, scan and offer a full treatment and follow up without charge. All you need to do is arrange a "choose and book" appointment via your GP. We have seen patients from as far as France, Wales, Cornwall and The Outer Hebrides!

3. We price our private appointments fairly and spend whatever time we need to with each patient. From what we have learnt, a free 10-minute appointment is just that; 10-minutes with a consultant, mainly to provide the opportunity to discuss pricing information and how to book a full private consultation!

4. We do not need to offer free appointments because some of the worst veins we have seen with leg ulcers are not visible to the naked eye. Without a proper duplex scan, the diagnosis would never be obtained and in some cases even delayed.

We would be truly mortified and deeply saddened if we ever had to respond to reviews like the ones below that we have seen on the web for some of these clinics,:

"What a waste of money!!!!

I have traveled almost 70 miles, for 10 minutes appointment! This guy just look at me and almost pushed me away from the room.


My experience is that they put profit before people.
My experience is that they are very expensive and not really open and honest about how much each consultation and investigation could cost. Beware and ask at every stage "How much will this please?"
Quite unhelpful when it comes to paying and you ask for more time as the bill is way more than you had budgeted for."

Remember you. do not need to be a doctor to diagnose varicose veins, but you do need to be a doctor to treat them! If you still would like to spend 10-minutes with us, do come and join us for something more useful, a free coffee or tea in the Shalbourne!