ReCell™ technology for the treatment of non-healing ulcers

Unresponsive chronic wounds such as leg ulcers represent a significant and growing problem. On an individual level the burden of having a chronic wound can be life changing; many people live in pain and have their personal freedom inhibited by the requirement for daily wound dressings. On a wider scale the cost associated with healthcare provision in caring for chronic wounds is vast.

ReCell™ is a product we were recently shown that we believe offers a tremendous head-start in the treatment of unresponsive and chronic wounds

How does ReCell™ work?

A small skin sample is collected from a healthy area of the body. The skin sample is placed into a special ReGenerCell™ device that separates the cells allowing the surgeon to spray it onto the ulcer. The healthy cells then grow and reconstruct the healthy skin filling in the ulcer defect.

Studies have shown that the use of ReCell™ results in an early reduction in pain and weeping from the ulcer allowing patients to resume their usual activities and regain their independence much faster. In one study treating 12 ulcers (11 venous) ReCell™ therapy resulted in a 55% reduction of the surface area of 10 ulcers and a complete healing of the remaining two.

We believe that these preliminary results demonstrate this technology is effective in restarting the repair process of non-healing ulcers and in reducing the pain of this chronic debilitating condition. The same technology can also be used to Improve pigmentation such as hypopigmentation (where the skin has lost its normal colour) and hyperpigmentation (where the skin has darkened).