We treat more than 1000 patients every year with abnormal leg veins

Risks of Sclerotherapy

Most of our patients experience no adverse effects.

Some minor side effects that you should note include slight swelling which occurs as a reaction to the injection. This usually disappears over two or three days. Bruising around the treated area can occur and will disappear within two to fourteen days.

About 1 in every 5 patients may get staining usually those with darker blue thread veins. This is seen as a dark brown area of pigmentation along the line of the original vein. These spots are caused by haemosiderin(the iron component of blood cells) and should resolve spontaneously. Treatment with laser to disperse the stain is sometimes necessary.

If you develop staining after sclerotherapy or laser treatment, please do not allow the affected area to sun-tan as the pigmentation will become permanent like a tattoo. In some cases the treatment is not effective and may leave the treated area looking slightly brighter in colour.