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Fish and chips will never be the same again!

Plaster made of fish skin heals chronic leg ulcers!

There are a wide range of treatments for chronic wounds on legs an here in our clinic we have used nearly all of them with varying success:

We are now pleased to be the first clinic in the UK to offer the new cod skin therapy, developed in Iceland?

The treatment consists of a graft of specially processed, sterilised fish skin that's placed on the ulcer creating a natural scaffold to encourage the patient's tissue to grow in and around it.

The treatment, known as Kerecis Omega 3 Wound, comes from cod farmed in the Atlantic off the north-west coast of Iceland. It is processed to remove most of the fish cells, which leaves the connective tissue and fat behind.

This dressing is so simple to use-just cut and place over the wound.

It works because fish skin is largely made from the same material as human skin, and contains fats and proteins that help the body regenerate damaged tissue.

The fish skin also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, compounds that help to reduce inflammation allowing the wound healing to progress normally.

Trials conducted by Kerecis, the Iceland-based company has produced excellent results: More than 50 people in the UK are already having this treatment. It might amaze you to know that fish dressings are the standard treatment in Iceland for wounds that do not respond to traditional dressings.

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(Photograph courtesy of Andrea Leone at Dreamstime Stock Photos)